Southsea Donut Co.

southsea donut co
Southsea Donut Co

Hands up who loves donuts?

Of course, you do, who doesn’t! We kindly received a box of donuts from Southsea Donut Co to sample, which we were incredibly excited about as they are 100% vegan. Mum hadn’t had a doughnut since becoming vegan back in January 2020 – I salute her! “At last!” she thought, vegan donuts are becoming a thing!

Salted caramel donut
Salted caramel with banana chips donut

And a thing they’ve certainly become – now they’re everywhere! In the past six months, donuts, in general, have become very popular and so it’s nice not to miss out on them just because you’re vegan. Of course, you don’t have to be vegan to enjoy these and you probably wouldn’t realise that they’re made without egg or dairy.

southsea donut
Hibiscus glazed, with dark chocolate chips and raspberry crumb donut

Our verdict

The donut flavours we received were:

  • Hibiscus glazed, with dark chocolate chips & raspberry crumb
  • Salted caramel with banana chips
  • Cinnamon sugar glazed
  • Mulled wine with gingerbread & fondant stars
glazed donut
Cinnamon sugar glazed donut

First of all, we admired how pretty they looked. They were well decorated and neatly presented. You could tell a lot of love and care had been put into these.

southsea donut
Hibiscus glazed, with dark chocolate chips and raspberry crumb donut

Southsea Donut Co donuts are not what we would call your typical donut because they are baked, not fried and they have more of a bread-like consistency. This we’d imagine, makes them healthier than your average donut.

vegan donut
Salted caramel with banana chips donut

Our favourites

Our favourites were the cinnamon sugar glazed donut, which was the flavour most similar to what we’d call an ‘original donut’. Our second favourite was the salted caramel with banana chips. By following Southsea Donut Co on Instagram, we’ve seen that toppings change regularly depending on the season and there’s always a new flavour to try.

vegan donuts
Mulled wine with gingerbread and fondant stars donut

Where to find

Southsea Donut Co are a new local independent company (we were introduced to them in Nov 2020). We love independent companies and like to support them. To begin with, you could find these donuts at Hunter Gatherer in Albert Road but since November, Southsea Donut Co have taken Pompey by storm. They can now be found at Little Coffee Southsea, Wild Thyme and we did spot them at a Southsea Market once. You can also order via their Instagram page for delivery in Southsea and surrounds.

Whether you’re vegan, taking part in Veganuary, or you just love donuts – let us know what you think of these.

Living life, loving donuts,

H & A


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