Simply Wholesome, Southsea, Portsmouth – PERMANENTLY CLOSED

Simply Wholesome
Simply Wholesome, 100, Marmion Road, Southsea, PO5 2BB

UPDATE Jan 2023: Sadly Simply Wholesome will not be re-opening. We send Colleen best wishes and thank her so much for the delicious salads and cakes we’ve had. We’ve lost two really good healthy eating places now in Southsea, the other being Wild Thyme. But, there is some good news on the horizon! Southsea Coffee are opening up a small takeaway in SW’s premises, with a small area for a couple of seats. They’ll also sell some of their yummy homemade produce, cashew cream is one of them and it’s to die for.


We missed so many lovely eateries during Lockdown and one of the last to open was another favourite of ours, Simply Wholesome in Southsea. Last but not least by any means.


Simply Wholesome
Delicious salad with butternut patty and roasted cauliflower, tahini sauce and sriracha sauce

This small and friendly vegan cafe is currently open on Thursday’s and Friday’s 11-2. It has a few tables – I’m not sure you can sit inside at the moment due to the Covid-19 restrictions, BUT, fear not, you can get a takeaway! Colleen has several delicious salads each week, some favourites and a few which she changes. There’s always something green, a hummus, beans, roasted cauliflower and butternut squash patties. Also, soups!


Simply Wholesome
Another visit and another beautiful looking salad

Just look at this lovely dish containing all the colours of the rainbow. How could you not wish to gobble it right up? Well, my husband is one who would not. I can’t understand it, I’ve tried and tried to get him to eat salads and I’m pretty sure if he tried it he would love it.

Simply Wholesome Southsea
Tasty sweet treats

Here’s some of the tasty cakes which Simply Wholesome has to offer, which again change frequently. Chocolate brownie, blondies, chocolate butternut cups, banana bread, all very yummy.


Simply Wholesome

This white chocolate fruit and nut slice was fantastic.

Simply Wholesome Southsea

The cafe also have savouries such as ‘sausage’ rolls (obviously nor meat). I sometimes give my husband these and ask him afterwards how his sausage roll was. He always says that it was very nice, not realising that they are in fact vegan. Oh how I (quietly) laugh – I don’t want to give the game away.

Local Kombucha – which is good for the gut – from The Mighty Bucha in Southsea is sold here too along with refreshing cans of Nix and Kix, the ‘kix’ being the cayenne pepper it contains (don’t worry, it’s not too hot). Hot drinks are sold too, coffees, hot chocolates, teas etc.,

Simply Wholesome Southsea

If I know I’m going into Southsea I message Colleen ahead to order a salad, something savoury and a sweet treat or two as I don’t manage to get there until around 1 on a Friday and want to make sure there’s something left for me. I haven’t yet tried the soup but now that the weather has changed and there’s an autumnal ‘nip’ in the air it’s probably about time I did.

Service is always with a smile and Colleen is very obliging and we sometimes have a little chat if she’s not too busy.

Ambience – 8
Service – 9
Value – 8
Quality – 9
Return? Yes, again and again
Overall 9/10

Living life, loving (vegan) cake

A x

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