Monoloco, Petersfield

Monoloco, Pages Court, St. Peters Road, Petersfield

Monoloco in Petersfield, Hampshire is set back from the main High Street (not too far along from Marks and Spencer’s heading towards the square) where you can also find a few independent boutiques. We visited one Friday lunchtime in February.

Upstairs and the wine list blackboard.

Dining is up or downstairs, we chose up which is in the roof with dark wood beam supports. It was a little chilly and we couldn’t see any heating so it wasn’t too cosy. ย The young waitresses were very friendly and it kept them fit running up and down the stairs.

Breakfast & lunchtime menu

The daytime menu has plenty to choose from with even a couple of blackboards full of specials. Breakfasts; full English etc., up until 11.30am and lunch time soup, jacket potatoes, lasagne, omelettes, sandwiches etc., Something for everyone.


For me it was a toss up between the prawn & Mary Rose sauce sandwiches – which I adore – or the mushroom omelette. But which to choose?

Tomato & red pepper soup with sausage sandwich

As per usual Geoff went for the soup, He is a creature of comfort I’m afraid to say, not always adventurous although it has been known. By scanning a menu I can usually tell what he’ll order ๐Ÿ˜‰ . The ‘soup of the day’ was tomato & red pepper and it came with a sandwich ‘of your choice’, in this case Geoff’s, which was sausage and at a very good price too.

The bread was wonderfully fresh seeded granary (I know because I gave it a prod) and we asked which bakery supplied it. It turned out to be that good ‘ol artisan bakery M&S along the road ๐Ÿ˜‰ Nothing wrong with that I may add.

Mushroom omelette

I decided upon the omelette and then moments later was afraid that it might turn out runny in the centre like they make it in France. I hate that. It wasn’t thankfully, it was cooked to perfection with plenty of lovely mushrooms and served with a small side salad of mixed leaves, peppers, baby tomatoes and cucumber.

The evening menu at Monoloco is predominately steak – you can view it on their website. Different cuts of beef steak, venison steak, tuna steak, salmon steak, all cooked on hot lava stones to your liking. A couple of vegetarian dishes are available too.

We didn’t see a dessert menu and unfortunately weren’t asked if we wanted anything else after our plates were cleared and didn’t see a member of staff again so eventually we got up to leave. As we went to pay downstairs we spied some cakes, millionaire shortbread, chocolate cake, cookies etc., upon the counter. Too late. Next time perhaps.

(We’ve eaten at many places in Petersfield, take a look at our website and go to the menu).

Ambience 7
Value 8
Service 8
Quality 8
Return? Yes

Living life, loving cake!

A x

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