Ice Cream Festival, Kings Cross

I couldn’t believe my luck when I heard about Kings Cross ice cream festival held on the first weekend of September. I arrived as the doors opened to avoid the queues and the possibility of the catastrophe that some flavours may sell out. Before I settled on a purchase, I walked around the festival sampling a range of different flavours from every exhibitor.

Salted caramel is the flavour of choice at the moment, being sold by the majority of ice cream traders. Ice cream made from liquid nitrogen appears to be equally as popular with ‘Lick Me I’m Delicious’ combining the two in their portable ice cream parlour ‘The Contraption’. Read the full review here.

In addition to the ice cream and street food traders, the festival offered a number of hands-on activities including its very own petting zoo and a science lab from ‘Science Boffins’. I worked my way through the crowds, securing my place amongst the children ready to learn how to make liquid nitrogen ice cream by mixing cream from a carton with powdered ice which was chilled at a temperature of -75c. My masterpiece, seen above, was edible (just!) but nothing like that from the experts.

I decided that in order to sample and review the very best ice cream the festival had to offer, I would have to try each and every exhibitor. All equally delicious, it was near impossible to choose my favourite but I decided to settle on a purchase at La Gelatiera. I was a little hesitant at my choice as I had recently looked at their menu on line and wasn’t overly impressed. However, it was the dark chocolate cinnamon sorbet which caught my eye and I decided I had to try, along with a scoop of salted caramel. To my surprise, the ice cream (actually gelato) was so incredible I couldn’t eat it fast enough. The dark chocolate cinnamon flavour was rich and indulgent, and although I couldn’t taste the cinnamon, it was perfect. Its texture was grainy, which to me suggested it was made from quality chocolate or contained real cinnamon power. I’m not sure this flavour could be regarded as a sorbet as it resembled nothing of the sort, which didn’t bother me because I much prefer gelato. The salted caramel was just as tasty, not as smooth as that from Black Vanilla but it has distinct caramel taste, far more intense than all the other brands I tried that day. Highly impressed with La Gelatiera, I will certainly be popping in next time I walk by.Now comfortably full, I decided to exit the festival and make my way to the shops. On my way out I spotted Morelli’s, an exhibitor I previously missed. I went over to sample their Coconut and caramel de Leche flavour and enjoyed it so much I ended up purchasing a scoop! I sat on the steps overlooking the canal to indulge in my final scoop of the day, and what a way to end the festival. The gelato was airy and fluffy, as if it had been whipped using marshmallows. The distinct coconut flavour was heightened by the sprinkles of coconut situated throughout the scoop. The sweetness of the caramel complimented this well but it wasn’t too over powering, keeping the taste and texture refreshingly light.Officially declared ‘ice-creamed out’ I made my way to the exit with a satisfying buzz. I had such a great time at Kings Cross ice cream festival, with its cheerful atmosphere, family friendly activities and incredible food. The location in Granary Square was perfect, a big open space overlooking the canal with on-site first aid and toilet facilities. Check out Kings Cross Events to hear about upcoming events at the venue. I was so impressed by the standard of produce from every exhibitor, below I have provided you with a summary of my favourite flavours of the day.

Black Vanilla: Salted Caramel, Award-winning chocolate

A thick, smooth gelato clearly made with luxury ingredients. Incredibly rich and indulgent, especially the award winning chocolate.

Sorbitium Ices: Greengage and Hazelnut Custard Crumble

A little sceptical of ice cream served with a scoop from a van but I was taken aback by this unique flavour. A charming fruity taste, loaded with bits of crumble which added that all important sweetness.

Gelatorino: Zabaglione Italian Custard Cream with Marsala Wine

Clearly experts in real Italian Gelato, made with the highest quality ingredients. The intense traditional flavours brought a little bit of Italy into my heart.

Details of the event including a full list of exhibitors can be found here>;;>;;.

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