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Honest crumble
Honest Crumble

Honest Crumble is here!

The crumble craze has arrived in Portsmouth, welcome Honest Crumble! Crumbles are fast becoming a popular food trend across the UK and I’m not surprised – who doesn’t love a crumble?

Honest Crumble is a home delivery fruit crumble business headed up by Clare and Dax who make everything from scratch in their kitchen. Clare is a cook and cookbook author while Dax looks after the logistics and all that business malarky.

The crumble craze

They’re inspired by Crumbled in Manchester and Humble Crumble in London. I happened to walk past last week and wondered what the hell they were selling to warrant such a long queue. Little did I know it was crumble!

Portdmouth crumble
Overloading with deliciousness!

Where to get Honest Crumble

Honest Crumble is available on Uber Eats and comes in two standard fruit flavours with additional toppings if you wish. I love the idea of a make-your-own crumble although I must admit, I do tend to go a bit overboard! I just add everything before getting a shock when I see the bill. Let’s take a look at those flavours….

Ultimate Apple Buttery Crumble

Crisp juicy apples cooked into a delicious compote in our kitchen and topped with our small-batch twice-baked buttery crumble made using all-natural ingredients, just like your mama would!

Personally, apple crumble is my all-time fave and this one was everything you’d wish for in a crumble. It was warm, hearty, comforting, soft and sweet. Parts of the crumble was almost like dough-like and the apples were very well cooked.

Ours was topped with custard, soft marshmallow, Lotus Biscoff drizzle and Oreo crumbs, taking an indulgent dessert to a whole new level! It reminded me of something Sweet Science Patisserie would create. We tried another apple crumble with just custard and I must say, I equally enjoyed it. Although the additional toppings were nice and gave the crumble that all-important WOW factor, it didn’t necessarily need it as the crumble was nice enough by itself.

Dessert portsmouth
Trying all the flavours

Boujee Berries Buttery Crumble

Juicy Raspberries, Blackberries, Redcurrants and Berries galore, bursting with yummy juice topped with our Small-Batch Twice-Baked Buttery Crumble made using all-natural ingredients. The ultimate FEEL GOOD food.

The berry crumble was just as tasty and the fruits weren’t sharp like they often are in berry-flavoured things. I’m much more of an apple fan but I did like this one as the berries complemented the marshmallow well. As this berry crumble was topped with soft marshmallow, it was crunchier than when it was topped with custard. I enjoyed them both.

Crumble extras

Custard and soft marshmallow are optional along with some of the other toppings; Ferrero Rocher, edible gold glitter, honeycomb, salted caramel drizzle and plenty more.

Crumbles come in two sizes served warm in recyclable and compostable tubs. They can be reheated if needed or eaten cold the next day if you can’t manage a whole one (we couldn’t!).

Honest Crumble
The delivery

The final crumb

Working as a private chef, Clare loves creating new flavours in the kitchen and Honest Crumble will be launching regular specials including chocolate crumble. I asked Clare why crumble? She replied “I really think it’s time for a comforting crumble. It’s such a homely dish and you can’t eat it without thinking of friends, family, cosy dinners and Sunday lunches. I really love that.” I couldn’t agree more. Clare and Dax have a real passion for crumble and would love to have a food truck one day. Watch this space!.

A big thanks to Honest Crumble for letting us be one of the first to try their new crumbles. These are great for a cosy night on or if you’re hosting and you can’t be arsed to make dessert!

Living life, loving home-cooked comforting puds!

H x

Thanks to Southsea Snapper for the photos. These crumbles were gifted.

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  1. Vanessa Gabbett Mulhallen says: Reply

    Glad you loved these as much as we did. Clare’s my sister and so we got to taste them prelaunch. They are delicious. We could eat them every day!! 😋

    1. Ooo lucky! What’s your favourite flavour combination? They were delicious!

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