Fortnum and Mason Cupcake

One sunny evening after work, I met my boyfriend Sam in Green Park to catch some rays. I arrived a little flustered as I had become overly hungry after not having the time to eat much. Once the sun had gone in, Sam and I decided to walk back to Waterloo station and popped into Fortnum and Mason on our way. To my delight, Sam suggested that I choose a cake and a couple of chocolates, which he bought to cheer me up. We both chose a Jammy Dodger Cupcake which we ate sat on the steps of Trafalgar Square watching the sun set.
Fortnum and Mason have been grocers to the royal family for over 150 years. Their luxury department store situated in Piccadilly is filled with the best British produce including fine teas, exquisite hampers and quality china. The cupcake was nicely presented in a delicate box and was a good size for a price of just £2.20 which included not just one but TWO mini jammy dodgers.The sponge of the cupcake was tasty but it wasn’t as light as others I have tried such as the ones from Hummingbird Bakery and Peggy Porschen. Its texture was more like a fairy cake which made it very filling and it wasn’t as fresh as one would expect from one of the most prestige food stores in the world. However, it was nice and hidden somewhere in the middle of the sponge sat a mini jammy dodger which was a great surprise. The sweet butter icing topped the sponge, covering the whole diameter of the cake. The generous helping of icing softened the sponge which meant you would hardly notice its freshness unless you ate the sponge and icing separately (which is a little unusual!). However, I specifically made sure I tasted each part of the cupcake separately to test its freshness.
A drizzle of sweet strawberry sauce covered the icing with a mini jammy dodger perched on top as decoration. The quality of the cupcake made it clear that Fortnum and Mason are no experts in this field as nicer, fresher cupcakes can be found in specialist cupcake stores. A good effort has been made with the Jammy Dodger cupcake as it was perfectly good value and a great little treat. It is a little too filling to be eaten after a main meal and I recommend that it is enjoyed slowly as an indulgent treat in front of the TV or whilst watching the sunset, like us. The jammy dodger cupcake certainly hasn’t put me off this incredible department store as it is impossible for a brand to be an expert across all foods. In my opinion, something as delicate as a cupcake should really be left to the specialists as everyone has their own preference of perfection but Fortnum and Mason certainly make a good effort.

Living life, loving cake,H x

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