Cereal Anytime & My Two Mum’s, Swan Street, Melbourne

Swan Street Chamber of Commerce Pop-Up

I’m a sucker for pop-up’s. I always have been. I think it’s mainly due to the social media hype, which is surprising considering I work in the field and therefore know the secrets to make a predominantly average place the most popular place in town. It was in fact the activity on Instagram that made me want to visit Melbourne’s latest pop-up at Swan Street Chamber of Commerce in Richmond. 

Cereal Anytime brings you….cereal at anytime!

The pop-up is home to a handful of popular brands in Melbourne, mainly offering food or drink, and most I’ve tried before. However, it was the arrival of new kids on the block Cereal Anytime which particularly caught my eye. Cereal Anytime have brought a completely new concept to the city by offering cereal, at any time – how about that! The menu is simple yet there is a large selection of cereals to choose from and many types of milk for those dairy-free or wanting to try something new. You can also choose to add toppings like Maltesers or Milo if you are feeling naughty or fruit if not so.

My cereal, created by Fifi and Dave (apparently from the radio)

Of course, my friend Phoebe ordered super healthy muesli after running there all the way from Carlton North, whilst I “just had breakfast but I’ll have some more” ordered the super unhealthy ‘special’ from popular radio presenters Fifi and Dave who created it at the media launch the day before.

To be honest, I too would have ordered something super healthy if it wasn’t for the on-site dietitian who tempted me with “it’s a one-off half-price special”. SOLD. Now there was never a better excuse to indulge. The special was a mishmash of cocopops, cornflakes, marshmallows, Reece’s Pieces, Milo and Oreo’s. Not only that, my milk was mixed with iced coffee which provided just the kick I needed (it had been nearly an hour since my last Melbourne coffee!).

Guess which pot of “health” is mine

Phoebe and I sat down at a quaint green bench inside to enjoy our childhood treats. Then, like a bull in a china shop, I knocked my whole glass over spilling the chocolate milky cereal all over the artwork on display whilst trying to take photos in true food blogger style.

Embarrassing spillage isn’t ideal when a TV crew is nearby

What’s more, a TV crew were filming right next to us, so my embarrassment could have possibly gone worldwide. The awesome guys at Cereal Anytime were kind enough to help me clear up and even gave me a new cup with milk for free – big brownie points.

Storm in a Teacup upstairs at the pop up

There are currently a number of different types of vendors at Swan Street Chamber of Commerce, like a record store, Rustica Sourdough and Monsieur Truffle chocolates. Another Instagram favourite, My Two Mum’s are also there with their novel ice cream sandwiches, most possibly one of my favourite inventions ever and I can’t quite understand why there aren’t more of them.

My two mum’s incredible ice cream sandwich

It’ll come as no surprise then that I just had to have one, despite already consuming five times my daily sugar allowance and weekly budget. My Two Mum’s have a selection of interesting ice cream flavours like rock salt caramel which was the one I chose. I picked two different flavoured cookies to sandwich my ice cream; pistachio and oat & rasin. Both the ice cream and cookies were divine and reminded me why I love ice cream sandwiches so much.

Rustica Bread – if money and waistline were no issue

I could happily have picked up some bread from Rustica or an Iced Chai from Storm in a Teacup but I just had to stop. Melbourne’s already caused me issues with the buttons on my jeans and I am yet to make my millions freelancing, so I was forced to make my way back to the leafy suburbs of Carlton North empty handed.

Social suicide – LOL

I enjoyed my interesting visit to the Swan Street Chamber of Commerce, although I couldn’t help but think I could have enjoyed just as tasty treats with my friend in a nicer setting at half the price. I guess that’s the downside of seeking out the latest  “won’t be there for long” “get it while you can” pop-up’s, prices are higher, less money spent on providing comfortable seating and there’s usually less of a selection then there would be in store. I guess that’s the beauty of marketing; the less available something is, the more one will want it.

Living life, loving pop-up’s,

H x






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