Bread Addiction, Southsea

Bread Addiction, Elm Grove, Southsea, Portsmouth.

Bread Addiction in Southsea is a place I’ve been meaning to visit for a while and I was surprised to see that it was open on a Sunday. Geoff and I headed over there just in time for lunch.

Inside the bakery

Bread Addiction is located in Elm Grove, almost opposite Rosie’s Vineyard. Only a handful of seating with wonky wooden tables inside the bakery (separated only by the counters) where you can watch them at work. Geoff called it ‘a bit spit & sawdust’. Underneath the counter could have done with a bit of a sweep I must admit.

Geoff’s toasted ham sandwich

There aren’t many options upon the menu, nice and simple as they are predominately a bakery. Sandwiches on sourdough such as ham, Serrano ham, tuna, brie etc., One filling is priced at £2.55, two at £2.95 and so on. The special of the day at only £3.50 was poached eggs with avocado on toasted sourdough, that’ll do me. Geoff’s ham sandwich was tasty enough, no pickle or chilli jam though which would have been rather nice.

Today’s special – poached eggs on toasted sourdough with avocado

I really enjoyed my lunch, it was all very fresh including the mixed salad leaves.

Geoff’s berry slice

Geoff decided upon the last slice of mixed berry tart. I’m not sure of the correct name for it. He was hoping the berries would be sharp tasting but he said it didn’t have much of a taste. I thought it looked a little like a frangipane but I can’t really comment on it as he didn’t offer me any – the meanie genie. Top tip, wherever you go if there’s only one slice of something left nine times out of ten it’s probably yesterday’s, so avoid. Of course it could be that it’s very popular and everyone who has come in that morning has bought a slice but I think perhaps the former is true on this occasion 😉

Praline xx

I chose the last (not one to listen to my own advice) praline something or other, I’m not sure as it was near a sign saying ‘praline choux bun’ but it definitely wasn’t that. Not a huge lover of praline (if it was of course, I only bought it because it looked chocolatey) but I was pleasantly surprised.

Very tasty

A sweet pastry base, the bottom layer was of a crunchy praline consistency, almost like finely crushed wafer. Then a nice thick layer of Nutella-type hazelnut spread. I gave Geoff a forkfull (is there such a word?) and he liked it better than his tart.

A loaf of sourdough to take home

Of course, I had to buy some bread didn’t I? I love fresh bread from proper bakeries. When I was a little girl we had a bakery just around the corner and I was always sent to get the bread. It would arrive home with a hole at one end where ‘a little mouse had been’ my mother would say. Irresistible. I’m just about to have some seeded sourdough at home for my lunch with smashed avocado and halloumi.

Pecan pie to take away

I had ordered and paid for a slice of carrot cake which looked rather nice but then fresh out from the oven came some pecan pies! If I hadn’t been with Geoff I probably would have just bought both but I was – d’oh! – so I swapped it and paid the 50p extra.

Crunchy inside

We had the pecan pie in the evening, half each. A sweet, crisp pastry base with crushed pecans inside making it nice and crunchy. A glaze on top along with a whole pecan. Yum.

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I would definitely return, especially mid-week as I’m presuming they would have more of a selection of cakes, some of the ones on their Facebook page look amazing.

Ambience 7
Value 7
Quality 7
Service 7
Return? I would but Geoff wouldn’t.

Loving life, loving bread

A x




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