Arepa 2Go, Southsea

Arepa 2Go
Our favourite – The avila

Arepa 2Go are one of the original street food vendors at Outside In and they continue to call it home. They’re one of our favourite go-to comfort foods in Portsmouth and over the years we’ve become friends.

Latin food

Arepa 2GO serve up delicious traditional Venezuelan arepas filled with different fillings, plus Latin American sides like tequeños and cassava fries. Arepas are corn pockets, a bit like a pita but made from corn as opposed to wheat. This means they’re gluten-free and can be vegan too.

latin food
Our usual order – Avila and tequeños

The Avila

The Avila arepa is our all-time favourite and it’s filled with shredded chicken mixed with avocado and a special homemade garlicky sauce to create a soft moist filling. A couple of slices of sweet plantain are added along with some grated cheese which often melts with the heat of the arepa. It really is the perfect flavour combination and just enough to leave you feeling satisfied.



Of course, we always order more and rarely go without tequeños.  Tequeños are dough sticks filled with a special white cheese but they are different to anything we’ve tasted before – in a good way! These are the best thing since sliced bread and go wonderfully well with that special garlicky sauce (Salsa de Ajo) and sweet guava sauce too (we like to mix them both!)


There are arepas filled with slow-cooked shredded beef for all those meat lovers (Caracas, Cumana and Pelua) out there and a couple filled with refined beans (Domino and Santa Ana) perfect for veggies and one for vegans too (Plantanera). We like them all but do keep returning to the Avila!

Arepa 2Go Outside In
Arepa2Go at Outside In


One of the newest additions to the menu is the empanadas which are also gluten-free and very different to the empanadas you’d find in Spain. These are crispy on the outside and soft in the middle and almost have a slight sweetness to them. They’re great filled with cheese or slow-cooked shredded beef.

Arepa 2Go portsmouth
The Avila arepa

Arepa 2Go are a family business and everyone digs in when needed. You’ll likely find brothers Alejandro and Dani heading up the kitchen while Alejandro’s wife runs their marketing. Their mothers help with the prep; those homemade sauces, the slow-cooked shredded beef – it’s a real family affair. They’re all from Venezuela which clearly shows in their food and their passion for Venezuelan cuisine.

Head on down to Outside In or find Arepa 2Go on Just Eat and Uber Eats and order yourself some delicious Latin American food!

Service – 10
Quality 9.5
Value 9
Ambience n/a (Outside In)
Return? Yes
Overall 9.5/10

Living life, loving Latin food,

H x

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