A Very Chocolate Brownie

On a shopping trip to Chichester, me and my mum decided to go for breakfast before hitting the shops. Both very similar, our ideal breakfast consists of coffee and cake. Mum suggested this stylish café/restaurant called Amelie and Friends she had previously visited and thoroughly enjoyed. Amelie and Friends boasts a good selections of cakes displayed on a counter positioned near the till, like you would find in a shop. There is the option to purchase bread, cakes and sandwiches to takeaway but we sat in the restaurant and ordered two skinny lattes and two chocolate brownies (so alike!).

The modern interior consists of recycled-looking features such as old-style lighting on the wall and wooden tables, giving the place a quirky feel. Out back is a conservatory which let in a large amount of light, with the option to dine out there.The service was how you would expect, quick but friendly. Unfortunately my latte was horrible but that was due to the excessive amount of flavoured syrup they must have put in it as my mum’s tasted fine. The brownie was just the right sized square to enjoy without feeling too sick and came presented on a plate with a napkin and small fork.The brownie was incredibly chocolaty and contained chunks of milk chocolate which I always love in a brownie as it gives it a real taste of chocolate and a variation of texture. A little more solid chocolate chunks, maybe white or dark in addition to milk or a couple of pieces of nuts would have been nice. The softness of the brownie was second to none as it was extremely gooey which meant it didn’t overly crumble upon eating. It certainly satisfied my daily chocolate craving and left me feeling full, ready for the day ahead.

I would love to try Amelie and Friends for lunch or dinner as the place was pleasant with both good food and service. The menu looked pretty good too, with a variety of gastro-style dishes such as venison burger. I would love to hear about your experience if you’ve ever had lunch or dinner here.

Living life, loving cake,

H x

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  1. My husband and I ate here at the weekend. We both had a very nice ‘Pork Porchetta Sandwich with Apple Sauce and Roquette’. No garnish on the plate, which I think is a nice touch, but it was very tasty. I was disappointed with my desert though. I had ‘tart of the day’ which was a pastry case with white chocolate mousse-like stuff at the bottom topped with a fresh strawberry and half a gooseberry and a raspberry. It was rather minute and at £3 I thought it was a bit steep. Had I looked at the desserts first in the shop then I would have known how small it was. My husband however came up trumps with his ‘Gooseberry Fool with Garibaldi Biscuit’. Although it was £2.50 more than my tart it was a much bigger portion and tasted divine. I was the fool that day for ordering the wrong dessert, boo hoo.

  2. Sounds lovely! I will have to try 🙂 x

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