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  • Best Melbourne Brunch: A round-up

    Best brunch melbourne

    For Melbournians, brunch is the best meal of the day. Well, it certainly was for me and I enjoyed countless classic morning dishes during my six months in the city. Don’t worry, I’ll be back and they’ll be plenty more to come but I’m taking a brief “vacation” to work on a cattle ranch in […]

  • Petersfield
  • Cloisters Café, The Square, Petersfield

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    Whenever I cycle to Petersfield 9 times out of 10 we visit Cloisters Café in the square – I say 9 because sometimes we can’t get in, otherwise it would 10. I must admit that I prefer Cloisters as it is an independent coffee shop and there are a few in Petersfield. It’s nice to […]

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  • Lafayette: Port Melbourne

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    When I heard that my barista friend Cheng Hsien was heading to a new café, Lafayette in Port Melbourne, I just had to check it out. Not only was it an excuse to visit somewhere new, but it meant I could enjoy one of Cheng Hsien’s incredible coffees. Back when I worked at Naughty Boy café in Carlton, […]

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  • Little Rogue, Melbourne

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        Little Rogue combines two of Melbourne greatest traits; laneway culture and great coffee. Recently opened, Little Rogue is tucked away down Drewery Lane in Melbourne’s CBD. I instantly knew it was worth a visit by the hipsters hanging around outside which thankfully made it a little easier to find. I was greeted by […]