• New Zealand
  • Love Rosie Bakery: Tauranga, New Zealand

    It’s about time I (Helen) update you on my cake finds from across the world in New Zealand which is where I am currently living. After two weeks of hard graft in a kiwi pack house I’ve been desperate for a great. Local Love Rosie Bakery in Tauranga hit the spot.

  • Australia
  • Birdie Num Nums: Carlton North, Melbourne

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    I’m a big believer that it’s worth taking the trouble to travel across town to get my hand on some good food and coffee, but isn’t it nice when you can roll out of bed and take a short stroll somewhere decent? That’s one of the great things about Melbourne, good great food and coffee […]

  • Chichester
  • A Very Chocolate Brownie

    On a shopping trip to Chichester, me and my mum decided to go for breakfast before hitting the shops. Both very similar, our ideal breakfast consists of coffee and cake. Mum suggested this stylish café/restaurant called Amelie and Friends she had previously visited and thoroughly enjoyed. Amelie and Friends boasts a good selections of cakes […]

  • London
  • Swallow Cupcake

    Last week I joined my mum on a long awaited shopping trip to Chichester after finishing university . Our mother and daughter days out usually involve numerous sweet treats and this day was no exception. After coffee and cake for breakfast, a trip to two chocolate boutiques and an Italian lunch we were pretty full, […]