• Products
  • Opavia Fidorka: Traditional Czech Chocolate Wafer

    When Sam went to Prague for a weekend with “the boys”, I asked him to pick me up something sweet in the local super market. My only requirement was that it had to be Czech and something we don’t see in the UK. He returned with a box of Opavia Fidorka. Upon researching, I learned […]

  • Recipes
  • Lithuanian Tinginys Cake

    My colleague Ausrine recently delighted us with a ‘Tinginys’ cake she had made the previous evening.  The cake is popular in her home country of Lithuania where its name means ‘Lazy bones’ or ‘slacker’ and is often referred to as ‘Lazy cake’. Every Lithuanian family has their own unique way of making a tinginys cake […]

  • London
  • La Gelatiera: the BEST gelato in London

    I first experienced the taste of La Gelatiera’s gelato at Kings Cross Ice Cream Festival, where I indulged in a scoop of Salted Caramel and Cinnamon Chocolate Sorbet. Not only did it leave me feeling totally satisfied, but with a craving to find out what exactly makes the gelato from La Gelatiera this good. On […]