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    Artie's Kitchen. tapas, chorizo ragout, lemon meringue pie, coffee, Tartine with pea hummus and serano, Artisan Cafe, Chichester, Southgate, 33 Southgate, West Sussex, Dr Fitzpatrick, Dr Fitzpatrick cordials, sour cherry, sour cherry red grape and hibiscus, hibiscus, red grape, peas, minted peas, serano ham, serano, pea hummus,

    *************************** UPDATE Artisan Café has changed ownership and is now called Artie’s Kitchen.  We’ve written a new review which you can read on the link above /\ ************************** A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be invited by The Artisan Café in Southgate, Chichester (at the very end of South Street) to their ‘opening’ party. The […]