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  • Little Bee Bakery

    Little Bee Bakery very kindly delivered lots of lovely cakes for us to try, all carefully packaged. I was due to pick Helen up from the train station in Chichester that afternoon so it meant we would be able to sit down in the evening for a nice girly chat and review the cakes together. […]

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  • This week’s sweet treats:10.05.2013

    What better way to start your Friday than with our weekly roundup of the sweetest treats we’ve eaten this week. Here’s 5 of our favourites…. This week’s sweet treats (clockwise from top left): Metcalfe’s NEW ‘Sweet Cinnamon Spice’ skinny popcorn Cream Tea with warm scones from Annie’s Tearoom’s, Timsbury, Romsey, Hampshire. Wonderfully fresh Red velvet cake with a […]