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  • Exploring the outback: Fitzroy Crossing, Western Australia

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    Not many people have heard of Fitzroy Crossing, a small outback town four hours north east of Broome in The Kimberley, WA. I certainly never had until I arrived here after a 20 hour bus journey from Darwin. Like most small towns in rural Australia, Fitzroy Crossing has a strong Aboriginal community with over 60% […]

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  • Life on a cattle station : Western Australia

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    Life on a cattle station is different to say the least. Despite living in a city my entire life, I’ve always loved the great outdoors so a job in the hottest town on earth (according to average temperatures) seemed perfect. The great Australian Outback In order to extend my Working Holiday Visa forĀ another year, I […]

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  • Australia’s Northern Territory: Darwin

    It was sad to leave my parents but I had a flight from Brisbane to catch. I headed to Darwin for a couple of days before I starting work at a cattle station in Western Australia’s vast outback. Darwin’s changed since my visit in 2009 but it still has a special vibe you can’t find elsewhere