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  • The perfect pitstop: Perth, Australia

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    I couldn’t resist a quick pitstop in Perth before I headed to Melbourne. Ok, it isn’t exactly on the way but when else was my good friend Mel free as a bird with a few days off work? She is the reason why I first wanted to move to Australia all those years ago after […]

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  • Brunch at Mrs S Cafe: Perth, Australia

    Mount Lawley, manwich, ciabatta, pulled-pork, cornbread, Aussie brunch, flat white, chocolate banana bread, passionfruit, passionfruit margerine slice, Nutella brownie, blackberry, ricotta and polenta cake, gluten-free, edible flowers, Mrs S, Mrs S Perth, Mrs S cafe, WA, Perth, Australia, Perth cafes, Urbanspoon,

    Thanks to Urban Spoon I came across Mrs S, a cute little cafe close to where I was staying between Maylands and Mount Lawley in Perth. I was instantly attracted to the photos on their Facebook page showcasing beautifully presented dishes, some even decorated with edible flowers. I only had a day left in Perth after spontaneously booking a […]

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  • Beaufort Street Merchant: Perth, Australia

    Manna, hot chocolate, Swan river, polenta, Big Belly Breakfast, flat white, sourdough, Mount Lawley, truffle mushrooms, salted caramel, Beaufort Street Merchant, Perth, Australia, Caravan coffee, brunch,

    My lovely friends, Sarah and Matt put me up for a week in their beautiful home over-looking the Swan River in Perth, Australia. On the other side of the world and recently out of hospital, I wasn’t feeling my best, but I mustered up the energy for a hearty breakfast with them both. With so […]