• London
  • Breakfast at BB Bakery

    I recently had my mum, who also contributes to the site, up to visit for a girl’s day out compromising of cake, ice cream and chocolate! I decided to take her to BB Bakery in Covent Garden for breakfast since I regularly walk past the café but had not visited, as I couldn’t remember its name. Prior to […]

  • London
  • Afternoon Tea at The Hempel Hotel

    Sam treated me to afternoon tea at The Hempel, a 5* luxury boutique hotel located just a short walk away from Hyde Park. This was my first London afternoon tea experience so I was incredibly excited when I stepped into the modern sleek reception area. The interior of the hotel was stylish yet sophisticated, with […]

  • Event
  • Tweener at Cheltenham Food Festival

    This year marked my first visit to Cheltenham Food and Drink Festival, which is situated in the heart of the Cotswolds. I caught the train from London in the morning and met my friend Mitch at his house in an adorable quaint village just south of Cheltenham. We arrived at the festival a little after […]