• Portsmouth
  • Muchas Tapas!

    tapas, Granada, Spain, Spanish flag,

    Order a drink in Spain and you get free food. Wow, what’s that all about? Now that’s all well and good but surely this can’t do much for business? You will either be too full to order any more food or you won’t order quite so much, for example we didn’t always bother ordering a starter […]

  • Spain
  • Fabulous La Fábula! An amazing experience.

    La Fabula, Granada, Degustation, Ismael Delgado Lopez

    It was a big birthday for me this year which I must admit I wasn’t really looking forward to. We booked 6 nights stay in Güéjar Sierra – a village at the foot of the Sierra Nevada – not too far from Granada and stayed with a lovely couple, Julie and Joel at their B&B, Arroyo de […]