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  • Weird and wonderfully unique: Osaka, Japan

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    Osaka was my first stop in Japan and it was a perfect welcoming. My first night was spent in a capsule hotel, totally weird and wonderfully unique. Just like the rest of the city which surprised me at every corner. My visit was packed with crazy adventures including a trip to the local food market where I was met by the kindness of others.

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  • Hotel Spencer Bar & Dining Room, West Melbourne

    Hotel Spencer Melbourne

    Unlike in the UK, a hotel in Australia is likely to be somewhere to eat and drink than somewhere to sleep, unless of course you find yourself having too many glasses of wine! Located on Spencer Street just a short walk from Southern Cross Station and Melbourne’s Festival Hall, Hotel Spencer Bar and Dining Room has […]

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  • Food & Travel: Noosa, Queensland

    The Velo Project Noosa

    Welcome to Noosa! It’s been a while since I’ve written a travel-related post (there’s food porn below folks – don’t panic!), almost six months in fact. After leaving home in January 2014, I finally laid myself to rest last October in the city of Melbourne, Australia. I’ve had an absolute ball exploring the city’s incredible […]

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  • Hoi An, Vietnam

    Burning the cash whilst piling on the pounds  Where do I start with Hoi An? The delightful little historic town of Hoi An is famous for many things with two of the most important being food and shopping. It’s become a backpackers right of passage to splash the cash on tailor-made garments during their visit, […]