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  • The island of cake: Ilha Grande, Brazil

    If my recent trip to Brazil has taught me one thing, it’s that Brazilian’s love their cake. After a hectic few days in vibrant Rio de Janerio we headed to Ilha Grande, an island off the coast of Brazil, roughly a three hour drive from Rio. Ilha Grande means ‘Big Island’ although compared with Rio it […]

  • Turkey
  • A right sticky mess in Turkey

    Now, I certainly didn’t book my holiday to Turkey because of the food. I am a big fan of hummus and stuffed aubergines, but my view of Turkish desserts isn’t that positive, with my only experience being a sample of Baklava at a local food festival. I wasn’t impressed. Baklava is a rich, sweet pastry […]

  • Portsmouth
  • Banana and Pineapple Cake

    Well where do I start? Manna’s banana and pineapple cake has to be one of my favourites and THAT is a BIG statement to make. Manna is a modern, minimalistic tea room situated opposite the cathedral in Old Portsmouth near my parent’s house. They visit on an almost weekly basis, meaning I am lucky enough to be taken there […]