• Weekly Treats
  • This week’s sweet treats:10.05.2013

    What better way to start your Friday than with our weekly roundup of the sweetest treats we’ve eaten this week. Here’s 5 of our favourites…. This week’s sweet treats (clockwise from top left): Metcalfe’s NEW ‘Sweet Cinnamon Spice’ skinny popcorn Cream Tea with warm scones from Annie’s Tearoom’s, Timsbury, Romsey, Hampshire. Wonderfully fresh Red velvet cake with a […]

  • Event
  • Foodies Festival Brighton

    After having made the train by the skin of my teeth I arrived in Brighton to meet fellow blogger and cake lover Eleanor for a day out by the seaside. We decided to head straight to Bar Du Chocolat, Choccywoccydoodah’s cafe, for coffee and cake after hearing all about it from other bloggers and watching the […]