• France
  • Le Prieuré, Villeneuve-lès-Avignon, France

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    Geoff and I were staying at a quintessential French hotel and restaurant, La Ferme on Île de la Barthelasse in the countryside within easy reach of Avignon by bike or car. We had eaten there the evening before and although it was very good and we enjoyed our meal very much, we wanted to try somewhere different. We […]

  • Rest of UK
  • Gilbey’s Restaurant

    My husband and I were staying in Bournemouth for the weekend for a cycling event around Dorset on the Sunday. We found Gilbey’s Restaurant, which is set inside The Liston Hotel – just two minutes from the Cliff Top Gardens in Boscomb Spa – on Tripadvisor where it is currently positioned at number two out of all […]

  • London
  • Four O Nine, Clapham

    Each week Sam and I try to set one evening aside to spend with each other, doing something nice like going to dinner or to the local cinema. This week, it was my ‘date night’ which meant it would most definitely involve food and that we were probably going for dinner. It  took me over a week of reading […]

  • Event
  • Cumberland Hotel, London – Blogger Event

      We were invited to the Cumberland Hotel on Hyde Park to a ‘Blogger Outreach Event’ earlier this month for a four-course meal. The meal was to be served in their Brasserie restaurant – one of seven restaurants/bars that the Cumberland Hotel has to offer – which “serves a menu of European classics with a […]