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  • The perfect place to recover: Sagada, Philippines

    Echo Valley, hanging coffins, Sagada, Banaue, Strawberry Cafe, pancakes, home-made yogurt, Sagada Brew, Strawberry Cafe, sweet mountain tea, George Guesthouse

    Crawling up and sliding down mountains  The five hour journey from Banaue to Sagada was painfully slow due to the sluggish driving, a real contrast than that experienced throughout the rest of Asia. Myself, Jaimie, Janine and Eric arrived in Sagada and like in Batad, were ushered into the Tourist Office and made to pay our […]

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  • Putting my body through hell for one of the world’s wonders: Batad, Philippines

    Unescoerraces, Peoples Guesthouse, Philippines, trekking, Pulo, Cordilla, Cambulo

    Crawling up and sliding down mountains  After a few days of doing essentially nothing, myself, Jaimie, Eric and Janine caught the night bus from Manila to the small town of Banaue, synonymous to the Unesco World Heritage-listed Ifugo rice terraces – sometimes called by locals as the “Eighth Wonder of the World” – which span the Cordilla, […]