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  • Back on the road with a bang: Manila, Bangkok, Bali

    The joys of backpacking  My time with All Hands Volunteers was up and I had to leave the place that I had come to know as home, but not before one last helping of Monday morning pancakes! I set off a little later than planned, which is no surprise really as this seems to be […]

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  • Volunteering with All Hands: Tacloban, Philippines

    All Hands Volunteers, Tacloban, Philippines, halo halo, Cinnamon bun, Barangay, ube, Typhoon Yolanda, Divisoria, Gawad Kalinga, Operation Blessing, Santa Niño

    Muscles I never knew existed  I spent just over three weeks volunteering in Tacloban with All Hands, an NGO set up to help those affected by natural disasters across the world. I have so many stories to tell you but not enough time to share (plus you will soon get bored reading I’m sure) so […]

  • Weekly Treats
  • This week’s sweet treats: 04/07/2014

    What better way to start your Friday than with our weekly round-up of some of the many sweet treats we’ve eaten this week. Here’s five of our favourites! 1. What a beautiful colour! I wasn’t sure if this was real or whether it was dyed, but Helen reassures me that’s it’s all natural. This was […]