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  • Hello Friends + Allies: Auckland, New Zealand

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      Hello Friends + Allies. I thought the name of this eatery in the inner suburbs of Auckland was rather apt for my first review on livelifelovecake in nearly a year. Hello friends. Hello allies. First of all, thanks to my wonderful mother Alison for keeping you all entertained and in-the-know about the best eateries […]

  • Portsmouth
  • Jam & Bowler, Southsea

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    We were kindly invited to the Jam & Bowler for a taster evening in Southsea this week. They open on Tuesday 9th February and are a breakfast and brunch café situated on Victoria Road South next door to The Library Barber’s and by the Elm Grove and Albert Road junction. The café is nicely decorated and was cosy […]

  • Australia
  • Best Melbourne Brunch: A round-up

    Best brunch melbourne

    For Melbournians, brunch is the best meal of the day. Well, it certainly was for me and I enjoyed countless classic morning dishes during my six months in the city. Don’t worry, I’ll be back and they’ll be plenty more to come but I’m taking a brief “vacation” to work on a cattle ranch in […]

  • Hong Kong
  • Café Gray Deluxe: Hong Kong

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    What a shame Geoff and I found Café Gray Deluxe too late as we loved it and had we found it earlier we most definitely would have returned. Geoff had it on his list of ‘places to eat’ but we stupidly saved it for our last day in Hong Kong. We could have kicked ourselves […]