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  • A new found love for food: my favourite recipes revealed

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    My new found love for cooking started three months ago when I took a job on a cattle station close to Fitzroy Crossing in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. I’ve continued to experiment in the homestead kitchen and sometimes cook four days a week for the crew. I’ve already shared with you some of my […]

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  • The Food Blogger That’s Never Cooked: Recipes Revealed!

    If you told me I’d one day have the word ‘cook’ in my job title I wouldn’t have believed you in a million years. Yes, I’m a massive foodie all right but that doesn’t mean I cook. I’ve had many debates in the past about how I can judge other peoples food without knowing how […]

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  • Lithuanian Tinginys Cake

    My colleague Ausrine recently delighted us with a ‘Tinginys’ cake she had made the previous evening.  The cake is popular in her home country of Lithuania where its name means ‘Lazy bones’ or ‘slacker’ and is often referred to as ‘Lazy cake’. Every Lithuanian family has their own unique way of making a tinginys cake […]