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  • T & Thistle, Southsea

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    The T & Thistle Coffee Lounge – a slightly Scottish themed cafe – opened at the end of February this year. They are situated in Highland Road close to the Festing Road junction – not far from Hunter Gatherer which is on the opposite side a little further along. I knew nothing about the place – […]

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  • Baffled Coffee, Southsea

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    I came across Baffled Coffee quite by accident back in January (see footnote) on a social media site and thought it looked rather good. I quickly paid them a visit for lunch the very next day along with my friend and gym buddy, Sarah. Baffled Coffee have been open for around seven months – I’ve […]

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  • Manna, Old Portsmouth – our favourite place

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    As this is our first post of 2017, I thought I’d start the new year with a review of our very favourite local ‘go-to’ place which is…drum roll… Manna Tea Rooms. We know the menu, we know there will be specials and most importantly, we know that the food will be fresh and of good quality. Consistency […]

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  • 6oz Burgers, Southsea, Portsmouth

    6oz Burgers, burgers, beefburgers, southsea burgers, Southsea, Portsmouth burgers, Portsmouth, food blogger, foodie, livelifelovecake 6oz Burgers,

    I can’t believe we’ve never visited 6oz Burgers in Southsea before but I guess we just thought it was a studenty kind of place, but surprisingly we weren’t the oldest ones in there!  Those of you who are local will probably know the problems 6oz Burgers have had with Portsmouth City Council, the battle to keep […]