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  • Madeleine’s Kitchen, Petersfield

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    My friend Sarah sent me a text the other day telling me that she was in a really nice tearoom in Petersfield called Madeleine’s Kitchen eating a lovely quiche and that I simply must try it – Madeleine’s Kitchen that is, not the quiche 😉 So of course off I trotted a couple of days later […]

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  • Monoloco, Petersfield

    hot lava stones, cook your own, lava stone, Monoloco, Petersfield, Hampshire, restaurant Petersfield, Peterfield cafe, steak, foodblog

    Monoloco in Petersfield, Hampshire is set back from the main High Street (not too far along from Marks and Spencer’s heading towards the square) where you can also find a few independent boutiques. We visited one Friday lunchtime in February. Dining is up or downstairs, we chose up which is in the roof with dark […]

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  • Fork Handles (or Four Candles?), Petersfield

    Fork Handles Kitchen, fork Handles, Four candles, The Two Ronnies, yummy mummies, yummy mummy, cafe, Petersfield, Hampshire, The Square, John the Breadman, Mud pies, pie, cakes, coffee, Moonroast Coffee,

    UPDATE: 02/11/2017 Now Josie’s Anyone over the age of 45 will immediately think of The Two Ronnies when you hear the words ‘Fork Handles‘ surely? If you’ve no idea what I’m on about then click on the above link, it’s a sketch from the television show from 1976, very famous and quite funny, even now. […]

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  • Annie Jones Restaurant & Tapas Bar, Petersfield

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    Annie Jones in Petersfield, Hampshire is a tapas, restaurant and patisserie all rolled into one. Situated in Lavant Street the front of the patisserie and the restaurant are separated by an alleyway. Walking through the iron gate and down the alley you’ll find yourself in a courtyard containing a bar, the ‘roof’ being made of […]