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  • The Parsons Table, Arundel, West Sussex

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    I love Arundel. I’ve been visiting the lovely little market town since I was a child. I remember enjoying the Walter Potter Curiosity Museum where you could find stuffed animals like the lamb with two heads, the kitten with six legs and the big glass cabinet with stuffed bunnies dressed up sitting at school desks […]

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  • The Loft, Arundel, West Sussex

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    UPDATE: see bottom of post The Loft is on the top floor of Sparks Yard in Tarrant Street in the lovely market town of Arundel, West Sussex. You may well remember the blog post on my favourite coffee and cake stops in Arundel. Well, Sparks Yard was one of them but recently they did away […]

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  • The Bay Tree Restaurant, Arundel.

    chocolate & salted caramel tart, The Bay Tree, Arundel, Tarrant Street, West Sussex, Arundel Castle, sweet chilli beef wrap, apple & rhubarb crumble,

    The Bay Tree Restaurant is on Tarrant Street in the lovely market town of Arundel in West Sussex – where two great places for coffee and cake happen to be too. The Bay Tree is again, one of those places which has been on my ‘must visit’ list for a while now (for well over a […]

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  • Great cake places in Arundel

    Helen was having a couple of days in Dublin, meeting up with some friends she met whilst travelling in Australia 4 years ago. After dropping her off at Gatwick Airport for her flight – which she caught by the skin of her teeth, as usual – my husband Geoff and I thought we’d pop into […]